Alma SAAC Hosts Scots Games

Alma SAAC Hosts Scots Games

The Alma College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosted their first-ever Scots Games, a combined Greek and athletic department Olympics challenge.

Among the events teams competed in were donut eating, tug-o-war, balloon popping, a cardboard boat race, and more. Ten teams were organized to compete in the inaugural event, with male athletic teams partnering with a sorority, and women's athletic teams paired with a fraternity.

Jennifer Kowalczyk, a member of both SAAC and Greek life at Alma, was the main organizer of the event and hopes for the event to not only become one held annually, but one that includes more on-campus organizations.

"Being apart of Greek life and on an athletic team on campus, my goal was to aim to get more campus unity between organizations," said Kowalczyk. "Being paired up with a different organization to compete as a team was very interesting but tons of fun; some of the members of the group I would never had the opportunity to talk to due to our different organizations never interacting with each other. I look forward to supporting the athletic teams at their games and having them support Greek Life philanthropies."

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