Paralympian Scout Bassett Talks at Alma College

Paralympian Scout Bassett Talks at Alma College

The Alma College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) welcomed Scout Bassett to the Alma College campus Feb. 8 to share her life experiences of perseverance, determination, and achievement.

Bassett, born in China and a native of Michigan, competed at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, placing fifth in the 100m dash and 10th in the long jump. At the 2017 World Championships, Bassett won two bronze medals in the same events.

Alma student-athletes had this to say about Bassett's motivational talk:

"Scout's message was heartening and empowering. She said many things that my peers and especially myself, needed to hear as we face our future but also live in the present. From an athletic standpoint, she displayed where hard work and perseverance can take you, but one of the most pivotal points was realizing that you need to do what makes you happy. To follow your dream, not give up, and fulfill the life you truly want to live. Scout is full of life and is an example to follow for all athletes. The campus of Alma College was lucky to have the opportunity to hear her speak." - Kennedy Hilley, softball and golf

"From a student-athlete perspective, I truly think it's an eye-opener for many individuals to see that most athletes have to truly work hard in their own unique way in order to accomplish their goals. Scout's main storyline was talking about her life story and trying to incorporate hardships with the opportunity to make a name for yourself, and for her it was through her perseverance to become a Paralympian. It was incredible to acknowledge someone who didn't think she would be successful growing up, and ultimately seeing her progression to a world-class athlete. I believe that it's important for student-athletes to take time and truly think about the dedication they have had towards their sport, even if it isn't the same circumstance as what Scout endured. Conversing with her was a great experience that I will never forget." - Jacob Shields, football

"Scout really was an inspiration and spoke true to overcoming adversity. She’s a genuine person who fights and competes for everything in life, and i felt that she left an impression on each one of our student athletes." - Katie Bush, volleyball

For more information on Bassett, visit her U.S. Olympic page here, or visit her twitter account: @ScoutBassett

Photo Gallery (photos provided by Jordan Hayes)

Information and quotes provided by Sarah Dehring, Alma College