2017-18 MIAA Fact Finder

Fact Finder, Section 1 - General Information (pdf)

Included in this section (13 pages)

MIAA Mission Statement
Summary of Conference Membership
Commissioner Penny Allen-Cook
2017-18 MIAA Governance
Member Schools & Coaching Staffs
MIAA Championship Determinations
NCAA Championships Qualifier Determinants
2017-18 MIAA Championships Dates 


Fact Finder, Section 2 - History (pdf)

Included in this section (56 pages)

The History of the MIAA
MIAA Milestones
Summary of MIAA/WMIAA/NCAA Membership
MIAA Commissioner’s Cup
2016-17 Commissioner’s Cup
2016-17 Summary of Finishes
All-Time MIAA Champions
History of MIAA Championships
MIAA Awards
2016-17 All-Sport MIAA Results
MIAA in the NCAA
MIAA in the AIAW
MIAA Athletes of Distinction
MIAA Coaches of Distinction 


Fact Finder, Section 3 - Sports Record books 




Cross Country, Men Basketball, Men Baseball
Cross Country, Women Basketball, Women Lacrosse, Men
Football Swimming & Diving Lacrosse, Women
Golf, Men Track & Field, Indoor Softball
Golf, Women   Track & Field, Outdoor
Soccer, Men    
Soccer, Women    


2016-17 Fact Finder

2015-16 MIAA Fact Finder (pdf)