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Calvin College vs Aquinas (Sep 1, 2009)


Soccer Box Score

Soccer Box Score (Final)
Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Assoc.
#17 Calvin College vs Aquinas (Sep 1, 2009 at Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Calvin College (1-0) vs.
Aquinas (0-1)
Date: Sep 1, 2009 Attendance: 150
Weather: 70/sunny/wd E 3

Goals by period   Total 
Calvin College 

Calvin College
Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A 
GK   0   Kayla Sulzer  
M   6   Allison Boender  
F   7   Carly Prins  
B   8   Lauren Heyboer  
M   9   Liz Cancel  
B   10  Elaine Schnabel  
M   12  Francesca Smith  
D   20  Sarah Bowden  
M   21  Emily Ottenhoff  
B   22  Kellie Honderd  
F   24  Natalie Veurink  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  3   Krista Johnson  
  4   Kim Schmitikons  
  13  Dianne Harris  
  16  Kelsey McCallops  
  19  Jillian Honderd  
    Totals.........  12 

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
0   Kayla Sulzer   90:00 

Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A 
GK   1G  Kelsey Duley  
M   3   Olivia Dorgan  
F   4   Bri Hill  
D   5   Lauren Powell  
D   7   Natalie Walter  
M   9   Jaime Tomaszewski  
M   14  Matthea Brandenburg  
M   16  Teresa Buiocchi  
D   18  Kaitylyn Burns  
M   22  Emily Wabich  
M   33  Rande Siroky  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  2   Lynsey Pelak  
  12  Kelli Sprenger  
  15  Heather Lewis  
  23  Alicia Savage  

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
1G  Kelsey Duley   90:00 

Shots by period   Total 
Calvin College  12 
Corner kicks   Total 
Calvin College 
Saves by period   Total 
Calvin College 
Fouls   Total 
Calvin College  11 
Aquinas  10  16 

Goal  Time  Team  Goal Scorer  Assists  Description 
1.  10:30  CALVINW   Natalie Veurink (1)  Francesca Smith  Open from 10yd after AQ turnover 
2.  11:52  CALVINW   Natalie Veurink (2)  Emily Ottenhoff  Breakway 
3.  17:09  CALVINW   Natalie Veurink (3)  Liz Cancel  20yd chip 
4.  65:07  CALVINW   Kelsey McCallops (1)  Kellie Honderd; Francesca Smith  breakaway 


Officials: Referee: John Crumb; Asst. Referee: Keith Miller; Greg Pilbeam; Scorer: Mike Dean;
Offsides: Calvin College 3, Aquinas 3.

Season opener for both schools ... Calvin 17th in Div III; Aquinas RV in NAIA