Historical information about America's oldest collegiate conference have been added to MIAA website with the addition of archival material dating back to the founding years in each of the 20 league-sponsored sports. Click here to visit the archival page.

All-Time Most Valuable Swimmers

All-Time Most Valuable Swimmers



1983     Cathy Bousson, Albion
1984 Sue Leiby, Albion
1985 Missy Proctor, Albion
1986 Jennifer Straley, Hope
1987 Shelly Russell, Hope
1988 Shelly Russell, Hope
1989 Shelly Russell, Hope


1990    Lori Gano, Hope
1991 Sarah DeWitt, Hope
1992 Dawn Hoving, Hope
1993 Dawn Hoving, Hope
1994 Dawn Hoving, Hope
1995 Kristen Hoving, Hope
1996 Kristen Hoving, Hope
1997 Lindy Chelf, Hope
1998 Laural Horton, Hope
1999 Betsy VandenBerg, Hope



2000    Erinn VanAuken, Hope
2001 Betsy VandenBerg, Hope
2002 Katie Nagelkirk, Calvin
2003 Katie Nagelkirk, Calvin
2004 Rebekah Weima, Calvin
2005 Rebekah Weima, Calvin
2006 Rebekah Weima, Calvin
2007 Rebekah Weima, Calvin
2008 Brittaney Reest, Hope
2009 Emily Roberts, Calvin


2010 Maggie Vail, Calvin
2011 Elizabeth Counsell, Calvin
2012 Libby Westrate, Hope
2013 Libby Westrate, Hope
2014 Michaela Rookus, Calvin
2015 Tristyn Edsall, Kalamazoo


All-Time Most Valuable Divers

An award initiated in 2004-05


2005 Lindsay Brown, Albion
2006 Erica Deur, Calvin
2007 Erica Deur, Calvin
2008 Erica Deur, Calvin
2009 Erica Deur, Calvin
2010 Emily Magyar, Albion
2011 Samantha Klaasen, Calvin
2012 Samantha Klaasen, Calvin
2013 Samantha Klaasen, Calvin
2014 Sarah Sheridan, Hope
2015 Sarah Sheridan, Hope