Historical information (standings and statistics) about America's oldest collegiate conference is being added to this website with the addition of archival material dating back to the founding years in each of the 20 league-sponsored sports. This is a work in progress.

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All-Time No-Hit Games



4-15-80 Jan Bowers, Olivet (won 12-2 over Calvin)
4-23-80    Lurinda Henderson, Olivet (won 8-0 over Hope)
4-23-83 Sharon Boeve, Calvin (won 1-0 over Alma)
4-27-83 Marge Caid, Olivet (perfect game, won 5-0 over Alma)
4-3-84 Kathi Gilbert, Alma (won 7-0 over Olivet)
4-7-84 Ann Harding, Olivet (won 1-0 over Adrian)
4-7-84 Dolores Thomas, Olivet (won 12-0 over Adrian)
4-10-87 Kim Niemeyer, Alma (won 7-1 over Adrian)
4-25-87 Barb Gras, Hope (won 13-0 over Albion)
4-28-87 Jessica Schrier, Calvin (won 10-0 over Alma)
4-15-89 Heidi Reyst, Kalamazoo (won 5-0 over Albion)



4-24-90 Eileen Malkewitz, Hope (won 19-0 over Olivet)
4-25-91 Treeter Johnson, Alma (perfect game, won 10-0 over Olivet)
4-28-92 Shannon Pingston, Alma (won 12-0 over Adrian)
4-20-93 Nicki Mannes, Hope (won 12-0 over Olivet)
4-22-93 Andrea Greening, Albion (perfect game, won 13-0 over Olivet)
4-10-96 Shauna Koolhaas, Calvin (won 13-0 over Kalamazoo)
4-13-96 Shauna Koolhaas and Amy Slings, Calvin (won 11-0 over Albion)
4-22-97 Shauna Koolhaas, Calvin (won 8-0 over Kalamazoo)
4-22-98 Becky Pierce, Alma (won 6-0 over Olivet)  
4-10-99 Becky Pierce, Alma (perfect game, won 11-0 over Saint Mary's)  



3-29-00 Jessica Davenport, Olivet (won 5-0 over Saint Mary's)  
4-11-02 Rachelle Heyboer, Calvin (won 4-0 over Olivet)  
3-31-03 Leigh Ann LaFave, Alma (perfect game, won 8-0 over Kalamazoo)  
4-26-03 Melissa Tavidian, Alma (won 8-0 over Saint Mary's)  
4-6-04 Jenn Newland, Olivet (won 5-0 over Kalamazoo)  
4-24-04 Michaela Adams, Albion (won 2-0 over Hope)  
4-12-05 Erica Anderson, Olivet (won 17-1 over Kalamazoo)  
4-26-05 Leigh Ann LaFave, Alma (perfect game, won 8-0 over Kalamazoo)  
4-26-05 Melissa Tavidian, Alma (won 19-0 over Kalamazoo)  
4-1-06 Bridget Grall, Saint Mary's (won 5-0 over Adrian)
4-28-07 Kristin Amram, Saint Mary's (won 2-0 over Kalamazoo)  


4-7-10 Rachel Wisman, Trine (won 14-0 over Kalamazoo)
4-10-10 Jami Shafley, Adrian (perfect game, won 16-0 over Kalamazoo)
4-21-11 Andrea Reinecke, Hope (perfect game, won 10-0 over Kalamazoo)
4-3-13 Louise Rezmer, Alma (won 9-0 over Albion)
4-26-13 Andi Gasco, Trine (won 4-0 over Saint Mary's)
4-19-14 Bree Fuller, Trine (won 6-0 over Calvin)
4-23-14 Bree Fuller, Trine (perfect game, won 10-0 over Saint Mary's)