Final 2013 MIAA Men's Track & Field Report

Final Standings

1. Calvin
2. Hope
3. Albion
4. Trine
5. Adrian
6. Alma
7. Olivet 

The MIAA women’s track and field champion shall be determined based upon two conference meets – a Jamboree and the conference championship meet, also known as Field Day. The two meets each count one-half toward determining the final conference standings.

Thursday, May 23-Saturday, May 25
NCAA National Championships at La Crosse, Wis. 

Final Team Scores: 1. Wis.-La Crosse 66. 2. Wis.-Eau Claire 64. 3. Wis.-Oshkosh 51.5. 4. Wis.-Whitewater 40. 5. North Central, Ill. 36. 5. T19. Calvin 11. T45. Hope 5. T53. Adrian 4. T72. Trine 1.  

All-American Performances
10,000 Meter Run:
 Dan Kerr, Calvin, 3rd (29:58.90); Matt Vander Roest, Calvin, 8th (30:09.49) 
800 Meter Run: Joel Rietsema, Hope, 4th (1:51.61)
Shot Put: Jacob Mehr, Adrian, 5th (55' 9")
1,500 Meter Run: Greg Whittle, Calvin, 5th (3:49.48)
400 Meter Dash: Tyler Bourdo, Trine, 8th (:48.17) 

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All-MIAA Honors

Most Valuable Runner
Tyler Bourdo, Trine
(sophomore from Plainwell/Delton-Kellogg HS)

Most Valuable Field Performer
Jacob Mehr, Adrian
(junior from South Lyon/South Lyon HS)

All-MIAA Team
**Tyler Bourdo, Trine (sophomore from Plainwell/Delton-Kellogg HS)
*Jacob Mehr, Adrian (junior from South Lyon/South Lyon HS)
*Jon Cok, Calvin (freshman from Grand Rapids/Grand Rapids Christian HS)
**Aaron Meckes, Calvin (senior from Bay City/Saginaw Valley Lutheran HS)
*Kylen Bradley, Albion (senior from Albion/Albion HS)
*Dakota Bagwell, Trine (sophomore from Kokomo, Ind./Western HS)
*Andrew Mangiapane, Adrian (junior from Dearborn/Edsel Ford HS)
**Greg Whittle, Calvin (senior from Galesburg, Ill./Galesburg HS)
*Erik Holstege, Calvin (sophomore from Keswick, Va./Monticello HS)
**Joel Rietsema, Hope (senior form Rockford/Rockford HS)
*Calvin Kuyers, Calvin (sophomore from Lansing/Lansing Christian HS)
*Boone Marois, Hope (freshman from Traverse City/Traverse City Central HS)"
**Matt Vander Roest, Calvin (senior from Ann Arbor/Huron HS)
*Lincoln Frey, Trine (junior from Pettisville, Ohio/Pettisville HS)
*Austin Rodriguez, Alma (freshman from Fairgrove/Akron-Fairgrove HS)
*Austin Westmoreland, Alma (junior from Oxford/Oxford HS)
*David VandeBunte, Calvin (senior from Byron Center/Byron Center HS)
*Damien Johnson, Olivet (freshman from Battle Creek/Battle Creek Central HS)
*Sam Kerk, Calvin (junior from Hartland, Wis./Lake County Lutheran HS)
**Dustin Stutzman, Trine (senior from Topeka, Ind./Westview HS)

 * - denotes number of years All-MIAA


Thursday-Friday, May 2-3
MIAA Field Day at Hope

Team Scores: 1. Calvin 232.5. 2. Hope 179.5. 3. Trine 97. 4. Albion 83. 5. Adrian 74. 6. Alma 59. 7. Olivet 53.

High Jump: Jon Cok, Calvin, 6' 4"
Discus Throw: Aaron Meckes, Calvin, 158' 1" (dc)
Triple Jump: Kylen Bradley, Albion, 45' 3-3/4"
Hammer Throw:
Dakota Bagwell, Trine, 150' 1"
3,000 Meter Steeplechase:
 Andrew Mangiapane, Adrian, 9:14.10 
4x100 Meter Relay: Hope (Steffon Mayhue, Bryce Richards, Andrew Kreichelt, Boone Marois), :42.32 (dc)
1,500 Meter Run: Greg Whittle, Calvin, 3:55.50
110 Meter Hurdles: Erik Holstege, Calvin, :15.51
400 Meter Dash: Tyler Bourdo, Trine, :47.97 (MIAA record)
100 Meter Dash: Boone Marois, Hope, :10.99 
800 Meter Run: Joel Rietsema, Hope, 1:53.00 (dc)
400 Meter Hurdles: Calvin Kuyers, Calvin, :54.31 
200 Meter Dash: Boone Marois, Hope, :22.54  
Shot Put: Jacob Mehr, Adrian, 53' 4-1/2"
Pole Vault: Lincoln Frey, Trine, 13' 10"
Long Jump: Austin Rodriguez, Alma, 22' 5-3/4" 
Javelin Throw: Austin Westmoreland, Alma, 170' 9" 
10,000 Meter Run: David VandeBunte, Calvin, 31:17.38 
5,000 Meter Run: Matt Vander Roest, Calvin, 14:52.63 
4x400 Meter Relay: Trine (Dan Linder, Luke Fimreite, Nate Konzen, Tyler Bourdo), 3:18.90  

(dc) - denotes defending champion

Complete Final Results

MIAA Meet Results

Saturday, April 13
MIAA Jamboree at Olivet

Final Scores: 1. Calvin 214.5. 2. Hope 172.5. 3. Albion 112. 4. Adrian 81. 5. Trine 80. 6. Alma 64.33. 7. Olivet 53.66. (scores are based on 8-place scoring, results count 50 percent toward determining conference champion)

Event Winners
10,000 Meter Run:
David VandeBunte, Calvin, 32:04.78
3,000 Meter Steeplechase: Andrew Mangiapane, Adrian, 9:32.73
Shot Put: Aaron Meckes, Calvin, 49' 6-1/4" 
Long Jump: Austin Rodriguez, Alma, 21' 11-1/2"
High Jump: Jon Cok, Calvin, 6' 3-1/2"
Javelin Throw: Barak Henderson, Alma, 160' 10"
4x100 Meter Relay: Olivet (Billyle Alman, Henry Pettway, Demetrius Washington, Damien Johnson), :43.17 
1,500 Meter Run: Sam Kerk, Calvin, 4:00.64 
110 Meter Hurdles: Zach Cooper, Albion, :15.59
400 Meter Dash: Tyler Bourdo, Trine, :48.77 
100 Meter Dash: Boone Marois, Hope, :11.39
Hammer Throw: Dakota Bagwell, Trine, 147' 4" 
800 Meter Run: Joel Rietsema, Hope, 1:54.41
400 Meter Hurdles: Calvin Kuyers, Calvin, :55.51 
200 Meter Dash: Damien Johnson, Olivet, :23.08
Pole Vault: Brad Billings, Adrian, 13' 7-1/4"
Triple Jump: Gerrit van Klaveren, Calvin, 43' 8-1/2"
5,000 Meter Run: Dan Kerr, Calvin, 15:02.18
4x400 Meter Relay: Trine (Dan Linder, Luke Fimreite, Nate Konzen, Tyler Bourdo), 3:19.70
Discus Throw: Jacob Mehr, Adrian, 151' 5"

Complete Results

Athlete of the Week Honor Roll

Week #1 - Blake Rottschafer, Hope (track); David Tropp, Hope (field)
Week #2 - Erik Holstege, Calvin (track), Jacob Mehr, Adrian (field) 
Week #3 - Paul Lewis, Albion (track), Ben deWaal Malefyet, Calvin (field)
Week #4 - Tyler Bourdo, Trine (track), Aaron Meckes, Calvin (field)
Week #5 - Sam Kerk, Calvin (track), Jimmy McKee, Albion (field) 
Week #6 - Joel Rietsema, Hope (track); Aaron Meckes, Calvin (field)