Historical information about America's oldest collegiate conference have been added to MIAA website with the addition of archival material dating back to the founding years in each of the 20 league-sponsored sports. Click here to visit the archival page.

All-Time MIAA Most Valuable Players


1947    Russ DeVette, Hope
1948 Lew Moon, Albion and Don Mulder, Hope
1949 Frank Walters, Kalamazoo


1950    Frank Walters, Kalamazoo
1951 Bob Eggleston, Albion
1952 John Porter, Albion
1953 Ron Bos, Hope and Manny Glasser, Kalamazoo
1954 Ced Dempsey, Albion
1955 Henry Hughes, Adrian
1956 Don Vroon, Calvin
1957 George Vivlamore, Albion
1958 Ray Ritsema, Hope
1959 Paul Benes, Hope


1960 Ray Ritsema, Hope
1961 Vince Giles, Adrian
1962 Ekdal Buys, Hope
1963 Jim VanderHill, Hope
1964 Bud Acton, Alma
1965 Ken Fletcher, Calvin
1966 Clare Van Wieren, Hope
1967 Floyd Brady, Hope
1968 Floyd Brady, Hope
1969    Gene Nusbaum, Kalamazoo



1970    Mike Phelps, Calvin
1971 Doug Taatjes, Calvin
1972 Mike Maciasz, Olivet
1973 Jim Van Sweden, Kalamazoo
1974 Mark Veenstra, Calvin
1975 Mark Veenstra, Calvin
1976 Mark Veenstra, Calvin
1977 Mark Veenstra, Calvin
1978 John Nibert, Albion and Dan Stolz, Alma
1979 John Nibert, Albion


1980 Marty Grasmeyer, Calvin
1981 John Schelske, Kalamazoo
1982 Matt Neil, Hope and John Schelske, Kalamazoo
1983    Randy Morrison, Olivet
1984 Chip Henry, Hope and Randy Morrison, Olivet
1985 Dan Gustad, Hope
1986 Jim Schipper, Calvin
1987 Matt Strong, Hope
1988 Dan Davis, Calvin and Matt Strong, Hope
1989 Dan Davis, Calvin and Bill Sall, Calvin


1990 Eric Elliott, Hope and Bill Sall, Calvin
1991 Eric Elliott, Hope
1992 Steve Honderd, Calvin
1993 Steve Honderd, Calvin
1994 Chris Knoester, Calvin
1995    Duane Bosma, Hope
1996 Duane Bosma, Hope and Jeremy Cole, Kalamazoo
1997 Joel Holstege, Hope
1998 Joel Holstege, Hope
1999 Aaron Winkle, Calvin



2000    Aaron Winkle, Calvin
2001 Jeremy Veenstra, Calvin
2002 Jeremy Veenstra, Calvin
2003 Don Overbeek, Hope
2004 Andy Phillips, Hope
2005 Travis DePree, Albion
2006 Brandon Crawford, Albion
2007 Stephen Cramer, Hope
2008 Marcus Vanderheide, Hope
2009 Jesse Reimink, Hope


2010    Michael McClary, Olivet
2011 Michael McClary, Olivet
2012 David Krombeen, Hope
2013 Ian Jackson, Trine
2014 Tyler Kruis, Calvin
2015 Jordan Brink, Calvin