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All-Time MIAA Most Valuable Players


1965    Jim Pobursky, Olivet, c
1966 Roger Kroodsma, Hope, p
1967 Chuck Langeland, Hope, 3b
1968 Bob Bonacci, Albion, c
1969 Gary Frens, Hope,p


1970 Mike Phelps, Calvin, ss
1971 Dave Moeller, Albion, of
1972 John Baker, Albion, p/c
1973 Rick Johnson, Alma, 3b
1974 Jim Parker, Alma, 2b
1975 Randy Wolthuis, Calvin, p
1976 Mike Gnatkowski, Alma, p
1977 Bill Fobare, Hope, p
1978 Jim Davidson, Alma, of
1979    Doug Barcy, Albion, p


1980 Bill Bardwell, Alma, p
1981 Bill Bardwell, Alma, p
1982 Bob Varner, Albion, p
1983 Duane Painter, Alma, p/dh and Bob Varner, Albion, p
1984 John Collier, Calvin, p
1985 Tom Bylsma, Hope, of/p
1986 John Klunder, Hope, p and Hans Martin, Alma, p
1987 Hans Martin, Alma, p
1988 Jim Corbeil, Albion, p
1989    Chris King, Albion, of


1990 Vic Breithaupt, Hope, of and Andy Bradford, Kalamazoo, p
1991 Vic Breithaupt, Hope, of
1992 Brent Keller, Albion, of
1993 Keith Bozyk, Adrian, p
1994 Chris Schuurman, Albion, p
1995 Brad Brown, Albion, ss
1996 Brian Myers, Albion, of
1997 Aaron Klotz, Adrian, 2b
1998 Mike Meeuwsen, Hope, c
1999    Ryan Tanis, Hope, of



2000    Aaron Wiers, Calvin, p
2001 Aaron Wiers, Calvin, 1b
2002 Jim Deters, Calvin, p
2003 Mike VanBeek, Hope, of
2004 David Seales, Albion, ut
  Brandon Teenier, Alma, p
2005 Jim Deters, Calvin, p
  Vance Nardin, Hope, of
2006 Jeff Nokovich, Adrian, p
  Tony Vennekotter, Adrian, ss
  Derek Tracy, Albion, 3b
2007 Mike Rodgers, Hope, p
  Brian Baker, Hope, ss
2008 Bobby Rickstad, Adrian, dh/ut
  Nate Pocock, Calvin, p
2009 Todd Meyers, Adrian, ss
  Alex Cowart, Adrian, of
  Ryan Domschot, Adrian, p


2010 Alex Cowart, Adrian, of
  Josh Lancaster, Adrian, p
2011 Brian Bilius, Adrian, 3b
  David Partyka, Adrian, p
2012 Kyle Strawn, Adrian, of
  Adam Clements, Hope, p
2013 Dan Heatherly, Adrian, dh/ut
  Mike Schypinski, Albion, p 
2014 Ryan Dorow, Adrian, ss
  Holden Branch, Adrian, p

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