Historical information about America's oldest collegiate conference have been added to MIAA website with the addition of archival material dating back to the founding years in each of the 20 league-sponsored sports. Click here to visit the archival page.

All-Time MIAA Most Valuable Players


1965    Jim Pobursky, Olivet, c
1966 Roger Kroodsma, Hope, p
1967 Chuck Langeland, Hope, 3b
1968 Bob Bonacci, Albion, c
1969 Gary Frens, Hope,p


1970 Mike Phelps, Calvin, ss
1971 Dave Moeller, Albion, of
1972 John Baker, Albion, p/c
1973 Rick Johnson, Alma, 3b
1974 Jim Parker, Alma, 2b
1975 Randy Wolthuis, Calvin, p
1976 Mike Gnatkowski, Alma, p
1977 Bill Fobare, Hope, p
1978 Jim Davidson, Alma, of
1979    Doug Barcy, Albion, p


1980 Bill Bardwell, Alma, p
1981 Bill Bardwell, Alma, p
1982 Bob Varner, Albion, p
1983 Duane Painter, Alma, p/dh and Bob Varner, Albion, p
1984 John Collier, Calvin, p
1985 Tom Bylsma, Hope, of/p
1986 John Klunder, Hope, p and Hans Martin, Alma, p
1987 Hans Martin, Alma, p
1988 Jim Corbeil, Albion, p
1989    Chris King, Albion, of


1990 Vic Breithaupt, Hope, of and Andy Bradford, Kalamazoo, p
1991 Vic Breithaupt, Hope, of
1992 Brent Keller, Albion, of
1993 Keith Bozyk, Adrian, p
1994 Chris Schuurman, Albion, p
1995 Brad Brown, Albion, ss
1996 Brian Myers, Albion, of
1997 Aaron Klotz, Adrian, 2b
1998 Mike Meeuwsen, Hope, c
1999    Ryan Tanis, Hope, of



2000    Aaron Wiers, Calvin, p
2001 Aaron Wiers, Calvin, 1b
2002 Jim Deters, Calvin, p
2003 Mike VanBeek, Hope, of
2004 David Seales, Albion, ut
  Brandon Teenier, Alma, p
2005 Jim Deters, Calvin, p
  Vance Nardin, Hope, of
2006 Jeff Nokovich, Adrian, p
  Tony Vennekotter, Adrian, ss
  Derek Tracy, Albion, 3b
2007 Mike Rodgers, Hope, p
  Brian Baker, Hope, ss
2008 Bobby Rickstad, Adrian, dh/ut
  Nate Pocock, Calvin, p
2009 Todd Meyers, Adrian, ss
  Alex Cowart, Adrian, of
  Ryan Domschot, Adrian, p


2010 Alex Cowart, Adrian, of
  Josh Lancaster, Adrian, p
2011 Brian Bilius, Adrian, 3b
  David Partyka, Adrian, p
2012 Kyle Strawn, Adrian, of
  Adam Clements, Hope, p
2013 Dan Heatherly, Adrian, dh/ut
  Mike Schypinski, Albion, p 
2014 Ryan Dorow, Adrian, ss
  Holden Branch, Adrian, p

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