Tom Renner Associate SID Award

An award presented to a student assistant at an MIAA member College sports information office for outstanding service. Named in honor of Tom Renner, league publicist from 1967-2008 and presently the MIAA Historian.

2015-16 Brad Vannatter, Alma

2014-15 Grace Wheeler, Alma

2013-14 Haleigh Daniels, Trine

2012-13 Mitch Blankespoor, Calvin & Forrest Tarsa, Hope

2011-12 Mitch Blankespoor, Calvin

2010-11 Nate Triezenberg, Calvin

2009-10 Brent Willis, Alma

2008-09 Bruce Van Baren, Calvin

 2007-08 Annalise VenHuizen, Calvin