Historical information about America's oldest collegiate conference have been added to MIAA website with the addition of archival material dating back to the founding years in each of the 20 league-sponsored sports. Click here to visit the archival page.

All-Time All-MIAA Selections

Updated thru 2012-13 school year

Adrian | Albion | Alma | Calvin | Defiance | Hillsdale
Kalamazoo | Olivet | Saint Mary's | Trine/Tri-State
Wisconsin Lutheran

* MIAA Most Valuable Athlete


Abe, Jack, Hope, MSO06, MSO08
Abel, Keith, Hope, FB66
Achterhof, Kristy, Hope, WSW88, WSW89, WSW92
Ackermann, Chad, Hope, FB92, FB93*
Ackermann, Todd, Hope, FB86, FB87*
Adams, Andrea, Hope, SB02*, SB03
Adams, Emily, Hope, SB06
Adams, John, Hope, FB53, FB54, FB55
Adloff, Brian, Hope, FB98, FB99, FB00, FB01*
Albrecht, Ted, Hope, FB71, FB72
Allen, Jeff, Hope, MTR84, FB84, MTR85
Allers, Dawn, Hope, WTR02
Allison, Rob, Hope, MSO98, MSO99
Amerman, Mike, Hope, MSO06, MSO07
Ames, Randy, Hope, FB94, FB96
Anderson, Autumn, Hope, SB13
Anderson, Craig, Hope, MSW81
Andree, Katie, Hope, WSW84, WSW85
Andrusiak, Mike, Hope, FB82
Angeli, Aaron, Hope, MSO95
Ansel, Chris, Hope, MGO10*
Ansilio, Laura, Hope, WSW07, WSO08, WSW09
Appell, Rob, Hope, MTR84*, MTR85*, MTR86*
Appledorn, Ron, Hope, FB50, FB52
Arnold, Audrey, Hope, WSW01, WSW02, WSW03, WSW04
Assink, Kurt, Hope, MSW92, MSW93, MSW94*, MSW95
Austin, Alyssa, Hope, WTE10
Avery, Kurt, Hope, MS73
Avrit, Tammy, Hope, FH83, FH84

Backus, Chris, Hope, SBS94
Bailey, Rob, MCC07, MCC08
Baker, Brian, Hope, BSB07*
Baker, Rob, Hope, BSB82, BSB83
Bakker, Emily, Hope, VB96
Bakker, Rich, Hope, FB60
Balkema, Mike, Hope, FB90
Baltmanis, Amy, Hope, WBB03
Bannink, Dan, Hope, MTR96, MCC96, MTR97
Bannink, Jeff, Hope, MSW91*, MSW92, MSW93
Bannink, Jilanne, Hope, WCC87, WCC88, WSW89, WCC89, WSW90, WCC90, WSW91
Barckholtz, Todd, Hope, G87
Barkes, Tom, Hope, W74, W75, FB76
Barney, Elliott, Hope, MTR10
Barrow, Doug, Hope, MTE67, MTE68, MTE69*
Barsness, Dana, Hope, WCC85, WCC86
Bartosek, Kevin, Hope, MSO07
Bateman, Sean, Hope BSB99
Bauman, Ken, Hope, FB51, FB52
Baxter, Kim, Hope, WTE84, WTE85, WTE86, WTE87*
Beal, Dayna, Hope, MS82, MS83
Beaver, Matt, Hope, FB03
Becker, Elizabeth, Hope, WSW89, WSW90
Beckman, David, Hope, MBB85
Beckwith, Scott, Hope, BSB90
Beekman, Lloyd, Hope, FB50, FB51, FB52
Behrenwald, Jim, Hope, FB82, FB83, FB84
Bekius, Greg, Hope, FB78, FB79, FB80
Bekius, Ron, Hope, FB58
Bekken, Martin, Hope, FB41
Bekkering, Bill, Hope, FB68, MTR69, MTR70
Berke, Paul, Hope, MTR99
Benes, Paul, Hope, MBB57, MBB58, MBB59*
Benham, Kevin, Hope, MS83, MS84*, MS85*
Bennett, Darren, Hope, MS91, MS92
Benson, Scott, Hope, MBB80, MBB81, MBB82
Berghorst, Kate, Hope, WSO98
Bergsma, Clayton, Hope, MSO99
Bergsma, Sean, Hope, , MTR07, MTR08
Bernecker, Mark, Hope, FB90
Bieri, Lindsey, Hope, WSO12
Birch, Nancy, Hope, WS90
Blackport, Kyle, Hope, BSB01, BSB02, BSB03
Blacquiere, Bill, Hope, FB75, FB77
Blasius, Troy, Hope, FB07
Bloemers, Dan, Hope, FB03
Bloemers, Lisa, Hope, WTR89
Blohm, Kurt, Hope, MSW04, MSW05*, MSW06*
Boerman, Kevin, Hope, W72
Boeve, Ron, Hope, BSB55*, BSB59
Bogard, Jeremy, Hope, MCC96, MTR98
Boles, Jordyn, Hope, WBB06, WBB07, WBB08
Bolhuis, Dave, Hope, FB86
Bollone, Brian, Hope, MSW91, MSW92
Bombara, Mark, Hope, MS76
Bonette, Gerald, Hope, FB34
Bongers, Amy, Hope, WSW90, WSW91
Bonnell, Mark, Hope, MTR92, MTR93
Boodt, Bryan, Hope, FB97
Booko, David, Hope, FB06, FB07
Bopf, Dave, Hope, MS83
Borst, Camille, Hope, WCC12
Bos, Amy, Hope, WSW97
Bos, Paul, Hope, FB52
Bos, Ron, Hope, MBB52, MBB53*
Bosch, Brandon, Hope, MTR08
Bosma, Duane, Hope, MBB93, MBB94, MBB95*, MBB96*
Boss, Joshua, Hope, MSW99, MSW00*, MSW01*, MSW02*
Bosworth, Joe, Hope, BSB64
Bouchard, Kai, Hope, MTE01
Boughton, Diane, Hope, WCC82
Bouwens, Dan, Hope, MSW03
Bowen, Chris, Hope, FB07
Bowhuis, Bernie, Hope, FB82
Bowser, Will, Hope, MBB11
Boyce, Mark, Hope, FB77
Bradley, Matt, Hope, MTE03
Brady, Floyd, Hope, MBB66, MBB67*, MBB68*, MTR68
Brandsma, Lee, Hope, MBB73
Brannock, Lee, Hope, MBB39, MBB40
Braschler, Doug, Hope, FB81
Bratschie, Greer, Hope, VB10, VB11, VB12
Bratschie, Steve, Hope, FB79
Breit, Collin, Hope, MGO12
Breithaupt, Vic, Hope, BSB89, BSB90*, BSB91*
Bride, Matt, Hope, FB00
Brinks, Kurt, Hope, FB81, FB82
Brintnell, Kevin, Hope, MBB96
Brooks, Chuck, Hope, FB73, FB74
Brothers, Randy, Hope, MSO90
Brouwer, Kylee, Hope, SB06, SB07, SB08*
Brower, Amy, Hope, VB00, VB01*
Brown, Bruce, Hope, MSW88, MSW89
Brown, Dianne, Hope, SB86, SB87, SB88, SB89
Brown, Doug, Hope, MSW89
Brown, Holly, Hope, VB89
Brown, Jeff, Hope, FB90
Brown, Mike, Hope, MS84
Brown, Stacy, Hope, WCC97
Bruggers, Rick, Hope, MTR67, MCC67, MTR68, MCC68*, MTR69
Bruininks, Aaron, Hope, MCC91, MCC92, MCC93
Bruinsma, Erika, Hope, WBB11
Bruwer, Josh, Hope, FB96
Buchanan, Rhonda, Hope, SB85, SB87, SB88
Buck, Stephanie, Hope, WSW05
Buikema, Sue, Hope, WTR86
Bullard, Monica, Hope, WSW92, WSW93
Bultman, Jim, Hope, BSB61, BSB62, BSB63
Bunker, Angie, Hope, SB02
Bunn, Peter, Hope, MBB10
Burchett, Doug, Hope, MCC91
Burgess, Jeff, Hope, MSW98
Burgess, Sarah, Hope, WTR99, WTR00, WTR02
Bursma, Jim, Hope, MS86
Busscher, Mary, Hope, WTR87, WTR88*, WTR89*
Buter, Herk, Hope, MBB49
Butterfield, Kevin, Hope, MSO05
Buth, Travis, Hope, FB94, FB95, FB96
Butler, Phil, Hope, FB03*
Buys, Ekdal, Sr., Hope, FB36
Buys, Ekdal, Jr., Hope, MBB62*
Buys, Matt, Hope, MTR89, MTR90, MTR91, MTR92
Byington, Laurie, Hope, SB93, SB94, SB95, SB96
Bylsma, Gary, Hope, BSB60
Bylsma, Tom, Hope, BSB85*

Cain, Ed, Hope, FB81
Calyore, Catherine, Hope, WTR12
Calyore, Christian, Hope, MTR12
Cameron, Steve, Hope, FB79
Cameron, Laura, Hope, WSW10
Camp, Martha, Hope, WSW86, WSW87
Campell, Chad, Hope, FB87
Campbell, Nick, Hope, MGO09, MGO10, MGO11
Candey, Mark, Hope, FB81
Capestany, Carli, Hope, WTE12, WTE13
Carlson, Chad, Hope, MBB02
Carlson, Colly, Hope, MBB92
Carigon, Heidi, Hope, FH89*
Carlson, Bob, Hope, FB82
Carlson, Janet, Hope, WSW87
Carlson, Kristin, Hope, WBB94, WBB95*
Carmody, Drew, Hope, BSB11
Carpenter, Erik, Hope, MTR94, MTR95, MCC95, MTR96
Carpenter, Ken, Hope, FB66
Carr, Jennifer, Hope, WSW07
Cawood, Bobby, Hope MTE10, MTE12, MTE13*
Ceeley, Phil, Hope, MCC71, MCC72, MCC73*, MCC74, MTR75
Chapman, Elizabeth, Hope, WTR99
Chase, Tim, Hope, FB86
Cheetham, Teresa, Hope, WCC85
Chelf, Lindy, Hope, WSW95, WSW96, WSW97
Childs, Garett, Hope, MTR00, MCC00, MTR01
Clark, Karen, Hope, WTR03
Clark, Kelly, Hope, FB92
Clements, Adam, Hope, BSB11, BSB12*
Cline, Kristen, Hope, WG94
Clough, John, Hope, MS77
Coates, Audrey, Hope, WTE94, WTE95*, WTE96*, WTE97*
Cochrane, Sarah, Hope, WSO06, WSO07
Cole, Kevin, Hope, MCC85, MTR86, MCC86, MTR87
Cole, Thurland, Hope, FB82, FB83, FB84
Colenbrander, Ellen, Hope, WGO96*, WGO97, WGO98*, WGO99*
Colenbrander, Emily, Hope, WGO02
Collins, Robert, Hope, FB49
Conlen, Katy, Hope, WCC91*
Conlon, John, Hope, MSO94, MSO95, MSO96
Conrad, Nick, Hope, FB00, FB01
Cook, Amy, Hope, WTR96
Cook, Courtney, Hope, WSO07, WSO08, WSO10
Cooper, Bob, Hope, BSB70
Cooper, Doug, Hope, FB86
Cooper, Ray, Hope, MTR68*, MTR68*
Cotts, Wayne, Hope, BSB65
Cowen, Jenny, Hope, WBB09
Cramer, Stephen, Hope, MBB07*
Crandall, Gerrit, Hope, FB73
Crane, Bill, Hope, FB00, FB02
Cratty, Phil, Hope, MTR90, MTR91, MTR92, MTR93
Crothers, Al, Hope, MS80, MS81, MS82, MS83
Cuba, Manuel, Hope, MS70
Currie, Jason, Hope, MSO95
Cutler, Randy, Hope, BSB83, BSB84, BSB85
Czanko, Lou, Hope, G77, G79

Dahl, Matt, Hope, MSW90, MSW91
Dahlquist, Don, Hope, FB86, FB87*
Dalman, George, Hope, MBB42
Damon, Paul, Hope, FB79, FB80
Damson, Edward, Hope, FB33
Dang, Duy, Hope, FB87, FB89
Daniels, Greg, Hope, MTR71, MCC71*, MTR72, MTR73
Dargene, Mark, Hope, G73
Darling, Julie, Hope, WTR87, WCC87
Dattels, Chris, Hope, MSW98, MSW99, MSW00
Davis, Rog, Hope, BSB85
Dawson, Jeff, Hope, FB86
Dean, Ashley, WCC04
DeBoer, Dawn, Hope, WSW95, WSW96
DeBoer, Paul, Hope, G84
Deckard, Marge, Hope, WTR83
DeFouw, Don, Hope, FB41
de Haan, Elizabeth, Hope, VB97
DeHaan, Josh, Hope, FB03
DeHaan, Tim, Hope, MSW01, MSW02
DeJulio, Jim, Hope, MS76, MS77, MS79
DeKoekkoek, Bryan, Hope, MTR10
Delo Reest, Brittaney, Hope, WSW06, WSW07, WSW08*, WSW09
Deming, Jon, Hope, BSB04
DeMull, Claire, Hope, FB47, FB48, FB49
den Braber, Mike, Hope, FB93
Denniger, Andrew, Hope, MTR07, MTR08
Dennison, Bob, Hope, BSB51
Derby, Peter, Hope, MCC03
DeSanctis, Sue, Hope, WCC84, WCC85
DeVette, Russ, Hope, MBB43, MBB47*
DeVisser, Nate, Hope, BSB01
DeVries, Dean, Hope, FB12
DeVries, Keith, Hope, W84
DeVries, Mary, Hope, WSW83
DeWitt, Sarah, Hope, WSW91*, WSW92, WSW94
DeZwaan, Dave, Hope, FB75, FB76
DiCesare, Santino, Hope, FB12
Dick, Leonard, Hope, FB47
Diekevers, Sarah, Hope, WSW05, WSW06, WSW07
Dieterle, Steve, Hope, BSB90
Dietrich, Kyle, Hope, FB09, FB10
Dirkse, Emilie, Hope, WSO98, WSO99
Disney, Dina, Hope, WBB90*
Donkersloot, John, Hope, MTR08, MTR10, MTR11
Dood, Lindsey, Hope, MCC84*, MTR85, MCC85*, MTR86, MCC86*, MTR87
Dood, Yvonne, Hope, WCC86, WCC87
Dornbos, Liz, Hope, WSO00
Doyle, Colleen, Hope, WSW99
Dressler, Andrew, Hope, MSO96, MSO97, MSO98
Drew, Jamie, Hope, G79, G80
Droppers, Kurt, Hope, FB78
Droppers, Jacob, Hope, FB06, FB07
Droppers, Joe, Hope, FB12
Droppers, Josh, Hope, FB09, FB10, FB11
Dugan, Kevney, Hope, MTE02, MTE03, WSO03, MTE04
Duimstra, Kelli, Hope, SB08, SB09*
Duistermars, Brad, Hope, MBB95
Durante, Llena, Hope, WSW97, WSW98, WSW99, WSW00
Dykema, Tim, Hope, MSW83, MSW84, MSW85

Earl, Monica, Hope, WTE89, WTE92
Ebels, Bria, Hope, WBB04, WBB05, WBB06*
Eding, Christe, Hope, VB96
Edmonson, Jon, Hope, BSB05
Edwards, Jerry, Hope, MBB48
Ekdom, Lisa, Hope, WSW03, WSW04, WSW06
Ellis, Liz, Hope, WBB12, WBB13
Elliott, Eric, Hope, MBB89, MBB90*, MBB91*
Elmore-Mendenhall, Alicia, Hope, WCC92, WCC93, WTR94*
Elzinga, Tim, Hope, FB09
Engers, Wade, Hope, MSW06
Ernst, Jennifer, Hope, WTR98, WTR99, WCC99
Esteves, Dean, Hope, BSB97, BSB98, BSB99
Etheridge, Kelly, Hope, WTR95
Etheridge, Lindsay, Hope, WTR98*
Etterbeek, Jon, Hope, MTE86
Evers, Chet, Hope, MTR72
Evers, Jill, Hope, FH88

Faber, Ken, Hope, FB57
Faber, Stephanie, Hope SB10
Fairfield, Daren, Hope, BSB88
Fangmeier, Michelle, Hope, WSW98, WSW99
Fazio, Len, Hope, FB75
Fead, Dan, Hope, MS85
Feit, Ken, Hope, MTR68
Fellows, Ben, Hope, BSB98
Ficke, Joshua, Hope, MSW99
Fiedler, Jacie, Hope, VB09, VB10
Fischer, Emily, Hope, WCC09, WCC10
Fletter, Bruce, Hope, MCC87, MCC88, MCC89
Flowerday, Craig, Hope, MTR89
Fobare, Bill, Hope, BSB77*
Formsma, Doug, Hope, MCC66*, MTR67
Foust, Kari, Hope, WSW03
Fowler, Paul, Hope, MS79, MS80*, MS81
Fox, Anneliese, Hope, WTE03, WTE04*, WTE05*, WTR06*
Fox, Cathy, Hope, WTR83, WTR84
Frayer, Patrick, Hope, MSW11
Fredericks, Elizabeth, Hope, WSW02
Freil, Ron, Hope, FB96
Freng, Kevin, Hope, MGO97
Frens, Gary, Hope, BSB67, FB68, BSB69*
Freshour, Kate, Hope, WTR08
Friedriechsen, Kurt, Hope, FB88, FB89

Gaffney, Mary, Hope FH82, FH83
Gaffney, Patti, Hope, FH83, FH85
Gallegos, Malachi, Hope, FB93, FB94
Gano, Lori, Hope, WSW88, WSW89, WSW90*, WSW91
Gantos, Julius, Hope, FB56
Garcia, Katherine, Hope WTE10, WTE11
Gardner, Dan, Hope, MSW05, MSW06
Gardner, John, Hope, MTE09, MTE10
Gauntt, Frank, Hope, MG92, MG93, MG94
Gauntt, Kristie, Hope, SB92
Gawron, Tony, Hope, MTR04
Genson, Brad, Hope, MSW91, MSW94
George, Erik, Hope, MTR05
Getzinger, Jeff, Hope, FB87
Geurink, Ross, Hope, MSW01, MSW04
Gill, Tina, Hope, WSO96*
Gillam, Dawn, Hope, WSO02, WSO03, WSO04*
Gillesby, Jon, Hope, MTR96
Gingras Hoekstra, Karen, Hope, WBB84, WBB85, WTR85, WBB86, WTR87
Glass, Casey, Hope, BSB01, BSB03
Gobrogge, Katrina, Hope, WTR11
Golomb, Nate, Hope, MGO06
Gonzales, Ryan, Hope, FB99
Goryl, Aaron, Hope, MSW91
Gouyd, Chris, Hope, MTR71, MTR72, MTR73
Grabijas, Josh, Hope, MSW10, MSW11, MSW12, MSW13
Graham, Brandon, Hope, FB95, FB96, FB97*
Graham, Candace, Hope, SB05
Gras, Barb, Hope, SB86, SB88
Grasmeyer, Jenna, Hope, VB11, VB12
Graudins, Viktorija, Hope, WTR06
Graves, J.D., Hope, FB99*, FB00*
Gray, Sara, Hope, WSW00
Greene, Philana, Hope, WBB08, WBB10
Greeneisen, Geoff, Hope, MSW88, MSW89
Greenfield, Molly, Hope, WLX13
Gregory, Matthew, Hope, MSW09, MSW12
Griffith, Ann, Hope, WCC84
Grinzinger, Nick, Hope, BSB01
Groendyk, Craig, Hope, FB77, FB78, FB79
Groetsema, Shaun, Hope, MSO09, MSO10, MSO11
Grooters, Heidi, Hope, WTR11*
Grosse, Leonia, Hope, WTR09
Grotenhuis, Kim, Hope, SB99, VB99, SB00, VB00, SB01
Grundvig, Tom, Hope, MS71, MS72
Gugino, Wade, Hope, MBB90, MBB91, MBB92
Guisbert, Kelsey, Hope, SB05
Gustad, Dan, Hope, MBB85*

Hadden, Mayo, Hope, FB37
Hahnfeld, Laura, Hope, VB00
Haight, Brittany, Hope, WGO11, WGO12
Hamilton, John, Hope, FB51
Hamstra, Chris, Hope, MSW02, MSW03, MSW04
Handzo, Matt, Hope, FB98
Hansen, Erica, Hope, WSW91, WSW92, WSW93
Hansen, Tim, Hope, FB84, FB85
Harburn, Todd, Hope, FB77
Harper, Shaelie, Hope, WTR10
Harrold, Dave, Hope, FB85
Hartman, John, Hope, FB78
Harvey, James, Hope, BSB51
Haven, Neddie, Hope, WSW83
Haverdink, Cliff, Hope, MTR70, MTR71*, MTR72
Hazekamp, Nick, Hope, MSW11, MSW12, MSW13
Hecker, Sharon, Hope, WCC10, WTR12, WCC12
Heeres, Greg, Hope, FB82, BSB83, FB83, FB84*, BSB85
Heeringa, George, Hope, MBB36
Helmbrecht, Spencer, Hope, MTE89
Helminiak, Andrea, Hope, VB08, VB09*
Hendrickson, Anne, Hope, VB84, SB85
Hendrickson, Bob, Hope, MBB53, MBB54, MBB55
Henry, Chip, Hope, MBB83, MBB84*, MBB85
Herbert, John, Hope, MSO09
Herin, Becky, Hope, WTR85, WTR86
Herin, Mary, Hope, WTR89
Hescott, Jon, Hope, MSW91, MSW92, MSW93
Hester, Matt, Hope, MBB86
Hetfield, John, Hope, FB91, FB92, FB93
Heyboer, Nick, Hope, MSO11
Heyboer, Phil, Hope, MSW07, MSW08, MSW09, MSW10
Heydenburg, Deb, Hope, WCC82, WTR83, WCC83, WTR84
Heydlauff, Jeff, Hope, MSW04, MSW05
Heydon, Amanda, Hope, WTR97
Heydorn, Bill, Hope, FB53, FB54
Higgs, Dick, Hope, FB42
Hill, Amanda, Hope, WTR96
Hine, Rick, Hope, W71
Hoeksema, Paul, Hope, FB03
Hoeksema, Renze, Hope, MS77
Hoekstra, Anne, Hope, WCC04
Hoekstra, Jacob, Hope, MSW06
Hoekstra, Lisa, Hope, WBB98, WBB99, WBB00*
Hoekstra, Lou, Hope, MCC75, MCC76*, MTR77, MCC77, MTR78
Hoezee, Amber, Hope, VB05, VB06
Hoezee, Beth, Hope, VB94, VB95
Hoffman, Bruce, Hope, BSB59, BSB61
Hollebeek, Matt, Hope, MSW95
Holstege, Joel, Hope, MBB96, MBB97*, MBB98*
Holstege, Todd, Hope, FB81, FB82*
Holvick, Gary, Hope, FB64
Holstad, Erin, Hope, WSW13
Holwerda, Jim, Hope, FB77
Holwerda, Julie, Hope, WTR96
Holwerda, William, Hope, FB49
Honholt, Josh, Hope, MTE02
Honholt, Kenneth, Hope, MBB40
Hoogerhyde, Julie, Hope, MGO07
Hoogewind, Tim, Hope, MTR00
Hope, Steve, Hope, MSW92, MSW93, MSW94
Horner, Dana, Hope, WSW94, WSW95, WSW96
Hornsby Todd, Hope, FB97
Horton, Laural, Hope, WSW98*
Hosford, Tara, Hope, WBB99
Houting, Jane, Hope, WSW85, WSW86
Houting, John, Hope, MSW88
Hoving, Dawn, Hope, WSW91, WSW92*, WSW93*, WSW94*
Hoving, Kristen, WSW93, WSW94, WSW95*, WSW96*
Howard, Mark, Hope, MTR80
Huck, Amanda, Hope, WCC05
Hudak, Art, Hope, MS70
Huebner, Ed, Hope, MSO00, MSO02
Hughes, Alex, Hope, MTE11
Huibregtse, Bill, Hope, FB59
Huisingh, Michael, Hope, MSW10
Huizing, Zach, Hope, FB05, FB06
Hulst, Steve, Hope, MTR77, MTR78, MTR79, MTR80
Hultgren, Bill, Hope, FB63
Hunt, Jacob, Hope, MSW11
Hunter, Megan, Hope, WSW94, WSW95, WSW96, WSW97
Hurrell, Jake, Hope, MTR11
Hutchins, Gary, Hope, MS77, MS78, MS79
Hyink, Harlan, Hope, FB63

Immink, Greg, Hope, MBB06
Ireland, Mary Lou, Hope, FH82*

Jackson, Kari, Hope, WSW96, WSW99, WSW00
Jacobson, Jerry, Hope, MBB51
Jansen, Kraig, Hope, MTR83, MTR84, MTR85
Japinga, Fred, Hope, FB35, FB36
Japinga, Louis, Hope, FB31, FB32, FB33
Jasperse, Ashley, Hope, WSW08, WSW11
Jecmen, Scott, Hope, FB83, FB84
Jecmen, Tauna, Hope, WCC85, WCC87*, WTR88, WCC88*, WTR89
Johnson, Amy, Hope, FH87, FH88*
Johnson, Charlotte, Hope, WSW84
Johnson, Dave, Hope, MS76
Johnson, Mark, Hope, MTE82
Johnson, Randy, Hope, MCC84, MCC85, MCC86, MTR87, MCC87, MTR88
Johnson, Tim, Hope, FB78
Jones, Scott, Hope, FB90, FB91
Jones, Zach, Hope, FB09, FB10
Jonker, Zach, Hope, MSO98

Kaat, Jim, Hope, BSB57
Kamps, Heather, Hope, WCC04
Kamstra, Jacob, Hope, MLX13
Kamstra, Todd, Hope, MSO80, MSO81, MSO82
Karam, Dan, Hope, FB11
Kattelus, Joe, Hope, MTR00
Keeler, Tim, Hope, MSO01
Keller, Andrea, Hope, WSW06
Keller, Andy, Hope, FB01
Kempema, Brent, Hope, BSB90
Kench, Daren, Hope, MG94
Kenemer, Aaron, Hope, MTR04, MTR05
Kennedy, Nancy, Hope, WG93, WG94, WGO96
Kerkstra, Amanda, Hope, WBB00, WBB01*, WBB03*
Kerstetter, Ryan, Hope, FB00
Keur, Bill, Hope, FB65
Kibbey, Bob, Hope, FB73
Kieft, Maria, Hope, WSW12
King, Brandon, Hope, MSW10
King, Wally, Hope, BSB88
Kingma, Craig, Hope, MTR86
Kingma, Lynn, Hope, WTR88
Kinser, Shawn, Hope, MSW93, MSW95, MSW96
Kirkland, Teresa, Hope, WSW93, WSW94, WSW95, WSW96
Klaus, Tim, Hope, FB11, FB12
Kleersnyder, Kyle, Hope, MBB05
Klein, Art, Hope, FB82
Klein, Matt, Hope, BSB98
Klein, T.J., Hope, BSB13
Kleinjans, Evett, Hope, MBB42
Klingenberg, Karter, Hope, MSO05
Klingler, Ryan, Hope, MBB99, MBB00, MBB01
Klomparens, Verne, Hope, FB34
Klunder, Jim, Hope, BSB87, BSB88
Klunder, John, Hope, BSB86
Knapp, Dan, Hope, MSW92, MSW93, MSW94, MSW95*
Knoll, DeeAnn, Hope, VB86, WBB87, VB87*, WBB88
Knott, Steve, Hope, G87, G88
Kobes, Ian, Hope, MSW01, MSW02, MSW03, MSW04
Koelling, Karl, Hope, MTR90, MTR91
Koenigsknecht, Kristin, Hope, WBB98
Koop, Harvey, Hope, FB42
Koopmans, Leah, Hope, WTR05
Koops, Karla, Hope, WSW86, WSW87, WSW88
Kooyer, Kristin, Hope, WTE01*
Kooyers, Warren, Hope, FB81, FB82
Korstange, Gordon, Hope, FB34
Koss, Kelli, Hope, FH90, WS92
Kraai, Travis, Hope, MTE71
Kraft, Kelly, Hope, SB03, SB04
Kramer, Art, Hope, BSB62
Kramer, Connie, Hope, WSW83, WSW84, WSW85, WSW86
Kreichelt, Emily, Hope, WTR08
Kriekard, Glenna, Hope, WTR87
Krombeen, David, Hope, MBB12*
Kroodsma, Don, Hope, BSB65, BSB66*, BSB67
Kroodsma, Roger, Hope, FB65, BSB66*
Kucinski, Jon, Hope, MSO01
Kuiper, Mark, Hope, BSB93, BSB94, BSB95
Kuiper, Nora, Hope, WTR06, WTR07, WTR08, WTR09*
Kuipers, Brad, Hope, BSB82
Kusak, Joe, Hope, FB63
Kust, Courtney, Hope, WBB12, WBB13
Kuyers, Dave, Hope, FB54, FB56

Labbe, Adam, Hope, BSB97, BSB98
Ladomersky, Eric, Hope, FB06, FB07, FB08
Lake, Sandra, Hope, WCC86, WTR87, WCC87
Lamer, Bob, Hope, FB72, BSB73, FB73, BSB74
Lamer, Jim, Hope, BSB69, FB70, BSB71, BSB72
Lamie, Tim, Hope, FB88, FB89
Lamb, Jim, Hope, FB00
Lampkin, Cameron, Hope, MTR08, MTR10, MTR11*
Land, Kathy, Hope, WTE89, WTE90
Lane, Dave, Hope, MTR65
Lange, Lindsay, WTR05, WTR06, WTR07, WTR08
Langeland, Chuck, Hope, FB66, BSB67*
Langille, Scott, Hope, MTR05, MTR06, MTR07
Lapham, Matt, Hope, MGO04, MGO05, MGO06*, MGO07
Larson, Hannah, Hope, WSW13
Larzelere, Lisa, Hope, SB96, SB97, SB98
Leatherman, Amy, Hope, WCC92, WTR93, WCC93
Lees, Bob, Hope, FB73, FB74, FB75
Leonard, Everett, Hope, MGO00
LePage, Jason, Hope, MG91
Lepper, Steve, Hope, MSO03
Lillie, Paul, Hope, MTE98, MTE99, MTE00*
Lippert, Jarod, Hope, MSW98, MSW99
Lis, Christina, Hope, WTR07, WTR08
Little, Jay, Hope, MSW82
Lock, Terry, Hope, BSB76, BSB77, BSB78
Looman, Sara, Hope, WSW94
Looman, Susan, Hope, WSW94
Loomis, Bryant, Hope, MSO02
Lone, Scott, Hope, G89
Lont, Tim, Hope, FB78*
Lopez, Rich, Hope, MS70, MS71, MS72
Loudermilk, Henry, Hope, FB78, FB79
Love, Nathan, Hope, MCC10, MCC11, MTR12
Lucas, Becky, Hope, WTE94, WTE95, WTE96, WTE97
Ludema, Geoff, Hope, MSW11
Luftkin, Kelly, Hope, WCC10
Luidens, Bob, Hope, MS74
Luidens, Martha, Hope, VB02
Lundblad, Magnus, Hope, G88, G89*
Lunderberg, Jon, Hope, MTR80, MTR81, MTR82

Maas, B.J., Hope, BSB01, BSB03*
MacDoniels, Jeff, Hope, MTE96, MTE97, MTE98
Mack, Paul, Hope, FB60
Magers, Adam, Hope, FB00
Malkewitz, Eileen, Hope, SB89, FH89, FH90*
Malvitz, Stephen, Hope, MTE07
Mann, Dan, Hope, MTE00, MTE01, MTE02, MTE03*
Mannes, Nicki, Hope, SB93, WBB94, SB94, WBB95, SB95
Marcus, Robert, Hope, MBB38, FB38, MBB39
Margaron, Matt, Hope, MSO00, MSO02
Marois, Boone, Hope, MTR13
Masghati, Mahmood, Hope, MS74, MS75
Masselink, Denice, Hope, WSW93, WSW94, WSW95, WSW96
Massey, Lynn, Hope, WSW90
Matchett, Marie, Hope, WCC94, WCC95, WCC96
Mattarella, Taylor, Hope, WTR10, WCC10
Mattson, Chris, Hope, BSB11
Mauren, Bill, Hope, MTR81, MTR82
McCormack, Sheri, Hope, WCC11, WTR12, WTR13
McKeachie, Andrew, Hope, MTR11
McLeod, Kevin, Hope, FB92
McLouth, Rick, Hope, FB74, FB75
McMahon, Kevin, Hope, MSO08
McMahon, Patrick, Hope, MSO05, MSO06
McNeil, Devin, Hope, MSO03, MSO04, MSO05
McQuillan, Amy, Hope, WTR86
Meeker, Charlotte, Hope, WCC04
Meeuwsen, Mike, Hope, BSB98*
Melville, Jeff, Hope, MGO03
Mendels, Chris, Hope, FB86*
Menning, Mark, Hope, FB67
Merkle, Bart, Hope, FB70
Merritt, Kris, Hope, MBB97, MBB98
Methric, Jack, Hope, MSW94, MSW95
Meyers, Amy, Hope, WTR95, WTR96
Meyer, Geoff, Hope, MSO04, *MSO05
Milobinski, Jens, Hope, MSW96
Minkus, Jeff, Hope, MTR08, MTR09, MTR10
Mitchell, Jim, Hope, MSW88, MSW90
Moerland, Abe, Hope, FB48, FB49
Moffat, Mindy, Hope, WSW96
Moger, George, Hope, MCC75, MCC77
Mohr, Jim, Hope, FB59
Mojzak, Michelle, Hope, WSW93
Molnar, Brent, Hope, BSB92
Montgomery, Bob, Hope, FB40, MBB41
Moore, Wendy, Hope, SB95, SB96
Moored, Dave, Hope, MSW79
Morren, Dave, Hope, FB83
Morscheck, Melody, Hope, WSO97
Muelenberg, David, Hope, MBB97
Mulder, Don, Hope, MBB43, MBB46, MBB47, MBB48*
Muller, Fred, Hope, G69
Muller, Jason, Hope, MSO12
Munson, Lindsay, Hope, WG91
Murphy, Christa, Hope, SB99
Murray, Julie, Hope, WTE99, WTE00

Nadolsky, Karl, Hope, W70, W71
Nardin, Vance, Hope, BSB05*
Neel, Michelle, Hope, WCC93, WCC95
Neil, Grant, Hope, MSO12
Neil, Logan, Hope, MSO10*, MSO11*
Neil, Matt, Hope, MBB81, MBB82*
Nelis, Pat, Hope, MSW80, MSW81
Nelis, Ryan, Hope, MSW07, MSW08*, MSW09, MSW10
Nelson, Kate, Hope, WTR09, WTR11, WCC11
Nelson, Keith, Hope, FB81
Nestle, Holly, Hope, WSO03, WSO04, WSO05
Neudeck, Jeff, Hope, BSB88
Newhouse, Blaine, Hope, FB84, FB85
Newton, John, Hope, FB52
Nicholie, Eric, Hope, MTR95
Nichols, Doug, Hope, MTR69
Nienhuis, Brooke, Hope, SB12
Nienhuis, Conrad, Hope, BSB66
Nienhuis, Lissa, Hope, WBB91
Nolan, Kim, Hope, WS93, WS95
Noorman, Jennifer, Hope, WSW92, WSW93
Northuis, Dick, Hope, MCC76, MCC77, MTR78, MCC78, MCC79
Northuis, Klare, Hope, WSW13
Northuis, Mark, Hope, MTR79, MCC79, MTR80, MCC80, MCC81
Nummikoski, Dave, Hope, BSB82, BSB84
Nyanor, Jerry, Hope, MS85, MS86
Nyboer, Brandon, Hope, MSW97, MSW98
Nyenhuis, Gene, Hope, FB50, FB51
Nykamp, Keith, Hope, MSW93, MSW94, MSW95, MSW96
Nykamp, Ross, Hope, FB79
Nykerk, Gerald, Hope, MBB34

Oatis, Stefanie, Hope, WTR95
Odell, Lindsay, Hope, WSO99
Ojert, Magnus, Hope, MS84
Olds, Suzi, Hope, WTE83
Olenik, Kris, Hope, WS89, WS91
Olson, Charlie, Hope, MGO09
O'Keefe, Kevin, Hope, MTE90
O’Neil, Meagan, Hope, WSW03, WSW04, WSW05, WSW06
Ongley, Mark, Hope, MCC78
Oosterhaven, Cal, Hope, MCC65
Oosterhouse, Brian, Hope, FB84
Oosting, Brooke, Hope, WTR03
Ornee, David, Hope, MSW03
Osmun, Adam, Hope, FB97
Osterhouse, J.D., Hope, BSB93
Otis, Aaron, Hope, FB97
Overbeek, Don, Hope, MBB02, MBB03*
Ozinga, Heather, Hope, SB97

Paarlberg, Adam, Hope, FB98
Paarlberg, Don, Hope, FB58
Paganelli, Perry, Hope, BSB80
Page, Tom, Hope, G70, G71*
Pagorek, Erica, Hope, WSO05
Parcell, Connor, Hope, FB12
Park, Charlotte, Hope, WGO11, WGO12
Park, Tom, Hope, MS82
Parker, Kelly, Hope, WSW01, WSW02, WSW03
Parker, Seth, Hope, BSB89
Peddie, Mike, Hope, MG90, MG92*
Peel, Rob, Hope, MSW84, MSW85, MSW86, MSW87*
Peelen, George, Hope, FB59
Pellerito, Gina, Hope, WGO95, WGO96, WGO98
Pelon, Tom, Hope, BSB67, FB67
Pelton, John, Hope, MTE08*, MTE09*
Percy, Linda, Hope, VB82, VB83*
Percy, Mike, Hope, MTR86
Perez, Ed, Hope, MTR00, MTR01, MTR02, MTR03
Petkus, Tony, Hope, FB97, FB99
Pederson, Sam, Hope, MCC12
Peterson, Lisa, Hope, WCC05
Peterson, Ty, Hope, BSB11
Phillips, Abby, Hope, SB11
Phillips, Andy, Hope, MBB04*, MBB06
Phillips, Dave, Hope, MS72
Philo, Brittanny, Hope, WGO05
Piersma, Don, Hope, BSB51, FB51, BSB52, FB52, BSB53
Piersma, Mark, Hope, MGO98
Piester, Claire, Hope, WSW07, WSW08, WSW09
Pike, Tina, Hope, WCC02, WCC03, WTR04, WCC04*, WTR05
Poll, Robby, Hope, BSB10
Poll, Stephanie, Hope, VB05
Ponte, Jon, Hope, BSB12
Poppema, Laura, Hope, WBB01, WBB02
Poppink, William, Hope, MBB37
Post, Beth, Hope, WTE88
Post, Kristen, Hope, WCC02, WTR03
Posthuma, Ron, Hope, FB73
Powers, Glenn, Hope, MCC73, MCC74
Powers, Robert, Hope, FB38, FB39*
Prediger, Steve, Hope, FB78
Price, Jennifer, Hope, WTR01, WTR02, WTR04
Pscodna, Johanna, Hope, SB91, SB92*
Putnam, Matt, Hope, FB98

Rabuck, Steve, Hope, MTR00, MTR01
Rahimi, Saum, Hope, MTE97
Ramirez, Juan, Hope, MS77, MS78
Rapson, Hannah, Hope, WSW01
Rebham, Kevin, Hope, MS83
Rector, Chad, Hope, MTR08
Reed, Walt, Hope, MTR68
Reed, Bob, Hope, BSB61
Regnerus, Jessica, Hope, SB05, SB06, SB07, SB08
Reimink, Jesse, Hope, MBB09*
Reinecke, Andrea, Hope, SB11*
Reisterer, Amy, Hope, WTR84
Reynen, Steve, Hope, MTR67
Richards, Blair, Hope, MSO96, MSO97
Richards, Blake, Hope, MSO92, MSO93, MSO94
Richards, Tom, Hope, FB74
Richardson, Kim, Hope, WTR99
Rietsema, Joel, Hope, MTR12, MTR13
Rinck, Nick, Hope, MTR08, MTR09, MTR10, MTR11*
Rink, Pete, Hope, BSB81
Rink, Willie, Hope, BSB53, BSB54, BSB55
Ritsema, Ray, Hope, MBB58*, MBB59, MBB60*
Roberts, Bill, Hope, MCC90
Rodocker, Geoff, Hope MS95
Rodgers, Mike, Hope, BSB07*
Roe, Paul, Hope, MS84, MS86
Roecker, Chris, Hope, MSW00, MSW01
Roelofs, Keri, Hope, SB95
Romano, Rex, Hope, MSW83, MSW84, MSW85
Root, Craig, Hope, MSO06
Rose, Andrew, Hope, MSW11, MSW12
Rose, Matt, Hope, MSW07, MSW08, MSW09
Rose, Todd, Hope, MTR88
Rosenbrook, Paul, Hope, MS94, MS95
Rottschafer, Blake, Hope, MCC12
Rozema, Bill, Hope, FB03
Roy, Heather, Hope, SB00
Ruby, Chad, Hope, BSB97, BSB98
Ruch, Mitch, Hope, MSW08, MSW09, MSW10
Ruemenapp, Andy, Hope, MTE06
Rugenstein, Matt, Hope, FB05, FB06*, FB07
Rumohr, Harry, Hope, BSB67, BSB69
Rumpsa, Josh, Hope, FB00
Russell, Shelly, Hope, WSW86, WSW87*, WSW88*, WSW89*
Rycenga, Ted, Hope, FB68, FB70, FB71*

Sabourin, Katie, Hope, WLX13
Sanders, Ed, Hope, FB73*
Sandro, Colleen, Hope, WTE86*, WTE87, WTE88, WTE89*
Sattler, Matt, Hope, BSB08
Sauerman, Rachel, Hope, WSO03, WSO04, WSO05
Savage, Scott, Hope, MS81
Schaubel, Howard, Hope, FB36, FB37
Scheffers, Bryan, Hope, FB04
Scheffler, Vince, Hope, FB00, FB02
Scher, Simone, Hope, WSW95
Schewe, Kate, Hope, WSW10
Schlaff, Paul, Hope, BSB92
Schlitz, Emily, Hope, WTR02, WTR03
Schmidt, Becky, Hope, VB97*, VB98*
Schmidt, Courtney, Hope, WSO12
Schmidt, Emily, Hope, WSW96
Scholl, Stu, Hope, MCC72, MTR73, MCC73, MTR74, MCC74*, MTR75, MCC75*, MTR76
Scholten, Megan, Hope, WGO08
Scholten, Sherrie, Hope, SB90
Schoolmaster, Mari, Hope, VB12
Schoon, Gretchen, Hope, WSO97
Schoon, Jon, Hope, FB62
Schoon, J.R., Hope, MTR89, MTR90
Schopp, Lee, Hope, MS92, MS93
Schopp, Lynn, Hope, WS89, WS90, WS91
Schrock, Jake, Hope, FB04
Scott, Carrie, Hope, SB99, SB00, SB01*
Scott, Mishelle, Hope, WTR06
Schuemer, Don, Hope, FB46
Schuiling, Todd, Hope, MBB83, MBB84
Schultz, Ellen, Hope, WCC94, WCC95, WTR97, WCC97, WTR98, WCC98
Schwiebert, Ausable (Saab), Hope, MSO08, MSO10
Semeyn, Pete, Hope, FB72
Sexton, Tom, Hope, FB79
Shade, Jeff, Hope, MSW09, MSW10, MSW11, MSW12
Shedd, Ryan, Hope, MGO01, MGO03*
Sheehan, Meg, Hope, SB02, SB05
Sheets, Ryan, Hope, MGO05
Sheldon, Josh, Hope, MSO96
Sheldon, Kyleigh, Hope, WSW12
Shelley, Dan, Hope, MSW98
Sheridan, Sarah, Hope, WSW13
Shinabarger, Dan, Hope, MBB70, MBB71, MBB72
Shoemaker, Kevin, Hope, MCC86
Simonson, Mark, BSB00, BSB01
Skelton, Mike, Hope, FB76
Slager, Art, Hope, MBB46
Slagh, Brian, Hope, MSW00, MSW01, MSW02, MSW03
Slenk, Nora, Hope, VB07, VB08
Slikkers, Adrian, Hope, MBB40
Smith, Doug, Hope, FB70, FB71, FB72
Smith, Jennifer, Hope, WTE98, WTE99, WTE00*
Smith, Jim, Hope, FB95
Smith, Laura, Hope, WSW99, WSW00, WSW02
Smith, Lisa, Hope, WSW04, WSW05, WSW06, WSW07
Smith, Michelle, Hope, WSW01, WSW02, WSW03, WSW04
Smith, Paula, Hope, WTR83, WTR85, WTR86
Smith, Quinn, Hope, G86
Smith, Randy, Hope, FB82, MTE83, MTE84, MTE85*
Smith, Sarah, Hope, WSW02
Snikkers, Carrie, Hope, WBB09*, WBB10, WBB11
Snuggerud, Nate, Hope, MBB12, MBB13
Snyder, Andy, Hope, FB03, FB04
Sohn, Sarah, Hope, WSW09, WSW10, WSW11, WSW12
Solmen, Susan, Hope, WSW84, WSW85
Sotok, Phil, Hope, MSW90, MSW91
Sowers, Emily, Hope, WTR98, WTR99, WTR00, WTR01
Southwell, Mark, Hope, MTR80, MTR81, MTR82, MCC82, MTR83
Spencer, Mark, Hope, FB78
Spoelstra, Watson, Hope, MBB31, MBB32
Spring, Sue, Hope, FH89
Spyker, Justin, MGO02*, MGO03
Stawski, Eric, Hope, MTE89
Steele, Erika, Hope, WSW03, WSW04, WSW05
Stegeman, Pat, Hope, MBB99
Stevens, Craig, Hope, G82
Stewart, Mike, Hope, FB84
Stewart, Todd, Hope, FB85, MTE87
Stille, Samantha, Hope, WTE06, WTE07, WTE08, WTE09*
Stover, Lisa, Hope, WG91*, WG92*, WG93*
Straley, Jennifer, Hope, WSW85, WSW86*, WSW87, WSW88
Strock, Steven, Hope, MGO08*, MGO09*
Strong, Matt, MBB87*, MBB88*
Stubbs, Monica, Hope, WSW96, WSW98
Stuckey, Jayson, Hope, FH89
Stuk, Tim, Hope, MSW83
Sturm, Mike, Hope, FB84
Suchecki, Kent, Hope, FB78
Suminski, Pete, Hope, BSB93
Sutton, Becky, Hope, WBB02
Sutton, Mike, Hope, W79
Svoboda, Matt, Hope, WTR06
Swier, Glenn, Hope, MS73, MS74*, MS75*
Switzer, Rick, Hope, G74
Swope, Kristen, Hope, SB95

Tableman, Leslie, Hope, WTR04, WCC04, WTR06, WTR07
Talarico, Frank, Hope, FB53
Tamminga, Polly, Hope, FH82
Tanis, Ryan, Hope, BSB99*
Tappen, Bill, Hope, FB41
Taylor, Brian, Hope, MCC82, MCC83
Teater, Dave, Hope, FB73, FB76
TenHave, Lewis, Hope, FB76
Ter Louw, Ryan, Hope, MCC05, MTR06, MCC06, MTR07*
TerMolen, Larry, Hope, FB57, FB58*
Terracciano, Tony, Hope, BSB74, BSB77
Tester, Todd, Hope, FB99
Thiel, Melissa, Hope, WSW94, WSW95, WSW96, WSW97
Thomas, Dave, Hope, MTR69, MTR70
Thompson, Dewey, Hope, FB75, FB76
Thompson, Jannah, Hope, WTR96
Thomson, Dana, Hope, WTR92, WTR94
Thomson, Bob, Hope, BSB58, BSB59
Tilden, Peter, Hope, MSW85*, MSW86*
Timmer, Lisa, Hope, WBB97, SB97
Timmer, Rebecca, Hope, WCC96, WTR97, WCC97, WCC98, WTR99
Timmerman, Rolfe, Hope, G88
Tjepkema, Laura, Hope, SB12, SB13
Toohey, Darren, Hope, MSO96
Toohey, Sean, Hope, MSO96
Torgerson, Erica, Hope, WTR00
Trebilcock, James, Hope, MSO07, MSO08
Treiber, Aaron, Hope, MTR09, MTR10
Tresslar, Dan, Hope, MSO05, MSO06*, MSO07*
Tresslar, Ellie, Hope, MSO05
Troost, Don, Hope, BSB67
Troyan, McKenna, Hope, VB03
Truby, Chuck, Hope, FB60
Tull, Dave, Hope, G89
Tuuk, Alicia, Hope, WSW08, WSW11

Updegraaf, Jay, Hope, MTE80
Underwood, Stephen, Hope, MCC80, MCC81*, MTR82, MCC82, MTR83, MCC83*, MTR84
Utzinger, Jeff, Hope, MS91, MSO92

Van Appledorn, Todd, Hope, MSW87, MSW89
Van Assen, Craig, Hope, BSB76
Van Assen, Deena, Hope, VB06
Van Assen, Kara, Hope, WTR02, WTR04
VanAuken, Erinn, Hope, WSW97, WSW98, WSW99, WSW00*
VanBeek, Allison, Hope, WSO06, WSO07, WSO08*
VanBeek, Mike, Hope, BSB01, BSB02, BSB03
VanBlois, Brent, Hope, MS87
VandeGuchte, Kara, Hope, WTR08, VB08, WTR09, VB09, WTR10, WTR11*
Vandenberg, Aaron, Hope, MGO99, MGO00*
VandenBerg, Betsy, Hope, WSW98, WSW99*, WSW00, WSW01*
VandenBerg, Erin, Hope, WSW00, WSW01, WSW02, WSW03
VandenBerg, Holly, Hope, VB86, SB87, VB87, VB88, WBB89, VB89, WBB90
VandenBosch, Kevin, Hope, FB06, FB07
Vanderbilt, Bill, Jr., Hope, FB86, FB87*
VanderBroek, Charles, Hope, MSW06, MSW07, MSW08
Vanderheide, Marcus, Hope, MBB08*
Vander Heide, Derek, Hope, MSW95, MSW96, MSW97
Vander Hill, Jim, Hope, MBB61, MBB62, MBB63*
Vander Hill, Warren, Hope, MBB57, MBB59, MBB60
VanderKamp, Kara, Hope, WS93, WS94
VanderKlay, Tom, Hope, FB85
Vanderlind, Mert, Hope, FB57
Vanderlind, Rick, Hope, W71, W72, W73
VanderMaas, Jack, Hope, BSB81
VanderMeer, Emily, Hope, WTR08
VanderMeer, Jen, Hope, WTR04, WTR05, WTR07
VanDerMeulen, Scot, Hope, FB79, FB80, MTR81
Vandersall, Marcia, WCC89, WTR90, WTR91, WTR92, WCC92*, MTR93*
VanderSlice, Julie, Hope, VB05
VanderVeen, Kyle, Hope, MTR09, MTR12*
VanderVelde, Jack, Hope, FB50, FB51
VanderVelde, Matt, Hope, BSB07
VanderVelde, Mike, Hope, BSB04, BSB07
VanderWeele, Brady, Hope, BSB13
VanderWoude, Sherwood, Hope, FB60, FB61*
VandeVorde, Scott, Hope, MCC83, MCC84
VanDeWege, Ed, Hope, MBB48, MBB49, MBB50
Van Dis, Bob, Hope, MBB46
VanDongen, Gene, Hope, BSB59, FB59
VanDuyne, Abby, Hope, WTR89, FH90, WTR91
Van Dyke, Tim, Hope, FB81
VanEerden, Doug, Hope, FB07*
Van Engen, Annette, Hope, FH84, SB85
VanHeest, Tim, Hope, FB75*
VanHeest, Tom, Hope, FB84
VanHoeven, Don, Hope, FB54
VanHoeven, Jim, Hope, FB51, FB53
Van Noord, Dave, Hope, FB83
Van Overen, Kirsten, Hope, WSW87, WSW88, WSW90
Van Overen, Kirt, Hope, MSW86, MSW87, MSW88
Van Putten, Dirk, Hope, MSW86, MSW87
Van Solkema, Derek, Hope, MBB07
VanTatenhove, Fred, Hope, FB63
VanTil, Jim, Hope, BSB63
Van Tubbergen, Marie, Hope, WTE93
Van Tuinen, Craig, Hope, FB73, FB74, FB75
VanVoorst, Mark, Hope, MS72
Van Wieren, Clare, Hope, BSB64, MBB65, MBB66*
Van Wieren, Glenn, Hope, BSB62, MBB63, MBB64
Van Wingen, Tom, Hope, FB50*
VanZyl, Shanna, Hope, WTR02
Vashaw, Deb, Hope, SB91, SB93
Vaughan, Greg, Hope, FB98
Veldman, Joe, Hope, MCC98, MCC99, MCC00, MTR01
Velting, Heather, Hope, VB96, VB97, VB98, VB99
Venhuizen, Ron, Hope, BSB63
Venlet, Sarah, Hope, WTR10, WTR11, WTR12, WTR13*
VerMeulen, Dirk, Hope, FB85
VerMeulen, Tim, Hope, FB91
Ver Plank, Mike, Hope, MSW82
VerSchueren, Joe, Hope, FB03
Victor, John, Hope, MCC79
Vilmann, Adelynn, Hope, WBB04, WBB05
Visscher, Ron, Hope, MTE67, MTE68, MTE69
Visser, Bob, Hope, MBB52
Vlasak, Andrew, Hope, BSB04
Vogelzang, Christina, Hope, WSW07, WSW09, WSW10
Vogelzang, Ryan, Hope, MSW08, MSW09
Voisin, Eric, Hope, MBB06
VonIns, Chris, Hope, MSW90, MSW91
Vos, Diane, Hope, WSW88, WSW89
Voss, Greg, Hope, FB70, FB71
Voss, Marcus, Hope, MSO00, MSO01, MSO02
Vredevoogd, Matt, Hope, FB87
Vriesenga, Matt, Hope, BSB97
Vriesman, Brian, Hope, MBB74
Vroeindewey, Jeff, Hope, MSW06
Vroeindewey, Scott, Hope, MSW00, MSW01
Vruggink, David, Hope, MSW99

Wade, Dylan, Hope, MCC98, MCC99, MCC00, MCC01
Wagenmaker, Jason, Hope, MTE04, MTE05
Wager, Robert, Hope, MGO95
Waite, Melanie, Hope, FH73
Walter, Susan, Hope, FH87
Walters, Lisa, Hope, SB91*, SB92
Wang, Irene, Hope, WSW83, WSW84
Ward, Nick, Hope, MTR95, MTR96
Warner, Tyson, Hope, MCC04
Warren, Kyle, Hope, FB09, FB10, FB11
Waterstone, Jeff, Hope, BSB76, BSB77
Waterstone, Kyle, Hope, MSW06, MSW07
Waterstone, Matt, Hope, MSW04
Watkin, Christy, Hope, WTR01, WTR02, WTR03, WTR04
Watson, Jorgie, Hope, WSW13
Webb, Walter, Hope, FB79
Weber, Jeff, Hope, MTR05, MTR06
Weener, Seth, Hope, MCC06, MTR08, MCC08
Wegner, Dan, Hope, FB98
Weigl, Drew, Hope, FB07
Welsch, Aaron, Hope, MSW09, MSW10
Werkman, Michelle, Hope, VB93, VB94, VB95
Westrate, Libby, Hope, WSW10, WSW11, WSW12*, WSW13*
Westveer, Brian, Hope G86*, G87
Whitaker, David, Hope, MSO10, MSO11
White, Catherine, Hope, WTR11, WTR13
Whitehouse, Bobbie, Hope, FH86
Whitman, Becky, Hope, SB06
Whitmore, Bryan, Hope, MCC89
Whittemore, Janine, Hope, VB90
Wicksall, Lacey, Hope, WGO00*, WGO01, WGO03
Widenmier, Matt, Hope, BSB03
Wiederhold, Lindsay, Hope, WSW13
Wiegerink, Jim, Hope, FB62
Wiersum, Matt, Hope, MCC09
Wiese, Chelsea, Hope, WSW12
Wilburn, Michael, Hope, MTR05
Wildgen, Jim, Hope, MTR74, MTR75, MTR76
Williams, Kate, Hope, WSW08, WSW10
Williams, Kyle, Hope, MCC05
Williams, Travis, Hope, FB97
Williams, Tyler, Hope, MS95
Winkler, Todd, Hope, MS87
Winne, Jeff, Hope, FB71
Wohlfield, Eric, Hope, MGO98*, MGO99*, MGO00, MGO01*
Wojda, Mike, Hope, BSB78
Wolfe, Tyler, Hope, MBB08
Wolffis, Todd, Hope, FB80, FB81
Wood, Ellen, Hope, WBB07
Woodcock, Dave, Hope, BSB57
Work, Cathy, Hope, WTE83, WTE84
Workman, Craig, Hope, MTE67, MTE68
Wuis, Dustin, Hope, , BSB06, BSB07

Yamaoka, Tommy, Hope, MGO04*, MGO05, MGO06, *MGO07
Yeiter, Dave, Hope, FB73, FB74
Yonker, Nick, Hope, FB46, FB47, FB48, FB49*, MBB50
Yonkman, Fred, Hope, FB51
York, Angie, WTR93
York, Don, Hope, BSB52, BSB53, BSB54
Youngs, Mark, Hope, MTR98

Zanin, Gina, Hope, SB98, SB99
Zeldenrust, Steve, Hope, FB83
Zessin, David, Hope, FB77
Zeuner, James, Hope, FB32
Zimmer, Rachel, Hope, SB93
Zupancic, Joe, Hope, MSW96, MSW98
Zurchauer, Dani, Hope, WTE87, WTE88, WTE89, WTE90*